have had these joggers from H&M for a while now, but I struggled to find the perfect outfit that will go well with them. This is an outfit that was inspired by Kim Kardashian’s New York fashion week look.

The joggers are not your typical ones, they have a more casual, chic look to them. I teamed them up with a blazer and a bandeau and I am so happy with the look. It would also look sooo good with a leather jacket or swap out the black bandeau for a white one to get a monochrome look. I personally love the whole all black everything look with red lips. The joggers are sooo comfy and I did actually wear them as my plane outfit to Dubai with a grey top. This is the perfect look for lunch, a shopping trip or even a date! You can swap the look around and dress it up by even wearing a choker and heels.

I wanted to go for a simple chic look so I swapped out the original red lips for a vampy dark red called DIVA from Mac and didn’t go crazy with the makeup.


This is definitely one of my new favourite looks and I am obsessed with blazers again!



S x

Joggers – h&m

Blazer- Topshop

Bandeau – Prettylittlething

Heels – New look

Lipstick – Mac (DIVA)

DUBAI 2017.

Soo last year as you all know I went to Dubai, I always said I didn’t get to do a lot, so I went back again this year and literally did everything I could and got the whole experience. August is a craaazy month to go, its the hottest month and its like 50 degrees everyday. Lets just say it is so hot I couldn’t stand outside for more than 4 minutes and the theme parks were deserted. It didn’t stop me from having an amazing time though!

Hotel – Jumeirah

Last year I stayed in Atlantis, it is a beautiful hotel but its so far from everything and I wanted to try something different so I chose a hotel in the Jumeirah location. Staying in a hotel within this area is amazing because theres four or five hotels next to each other which is quite weird right? But its perfect if you are staying in one of them because they are all owned by the same company and you can use the facilities at all of them such as the pool and if you go half or full board then you can eat at any hotel so you aren’t stuck at one. You can travel around the hotels by a boat and buggy service that runs 24/7. The service is amazing and they give you freebies everyday, they are also so accommodating and treat you like royalty!



Burj Al Arab

The Burj Al Arab is iconic to Dubai and its opposite the hotel, its perfect for your pictures and is breathtaking at night. I didn’t even realise how close I was going to be to it, but it was probably a 30 second walk from the hotel, there is always a buggy service that takes you as well which is ideal in the heat. The Burj Al Arab is known for being luxurious so they are strict on who enters, you can pay around 100AED if you are staying in a Jumeirah hotel to go inside and have food which is better compared to 350AED.  You also have to book it in advance because they are so strict on who goes in and they tick your name off a list so being prepared is key. The service was amazing inside and they treat you like royalty again, even if you are there for a drink.They aren’t kidding when they say it is the best hotel in the world and its definitely something to tick off your bucket list!



Dubai Mall/ Fountain

spent a lot of my time in Dubai Mall last year and I actually ended up going every day for my recent trip. It is huge and if you walk outside you can get the perfect view of the Burj Khalifa. I tried to go during the day but it was physically too hot to even walk outside so I came back at night to see the fountain which I recorded below (p.s the last minute is the best part). It is also home to a Sephora, in my opinion it is best to visit the Sephora stores in other locations because this one was soooo busy and impossible to move around.




Burj Khalifa

This year I went inside the Burj Khalifa, you can book online in advance or through your hotel which is what I did. You have the option to go on the 124th/125th floor or higher which around the 140th floor. The 125th is the perfect floor for the perfect view, the higher you go the view is poor and you don’t want to pay just to see clouds, because you can just do that on the plane! There is professional photographers up there that take family pictures and you can take your own. Once again I didn’t realise that it was outdoor completely so there was no air con and I didn’t stay up there for long and get my moneys worth. It is definitely something you have to do when you go to Dubai and you have to go through a security but it is fairly quick and simple!





Mall Of the Emirates

This is my favourite Mall in Dubai, it was an indoor ski, and is a lot more quieter and chilled than Dubai Mall. There is also a Sephora that is quieter which makes it easier to look around. It has a lot of high street stores and department stores that you will find in the UK.

Dubai Marina Mall and Marina

Dubai Marina is iconic and I didn’t get to go last year. The mall itself is small but it has a nice feel to it. The Sephora there was completely dead so it was perfect again to visit ( can you tell I’m obsessed with Sephora?). The Marina is accessible through the Mall and its best to go at night. The Marina was a five minute drive from my hotel.





Dubai Park and Resorts

I didn’t even know Dubai had Legoland or even any theme parks. They opened at the end of 2016 and it really is in the middle of nowhere. A lot of taxi drivers aren’t really aware of how to get there either so its important to plan and ensure they know. We had a lot of difficulty getting there which was not ideal in the heat! The parks are all together and currently there is Legoland/ Water Park and Bollywood World, however they opened at 3pm when it was a lot cooler as it is all outdoors. The only good thing was that due to the heat the theme parks were practically deserted and there were no ques! I used a site to book all the attractions around Dubai at a low cost and it gives a better insight on what there is to do there which I will link at the end! Legoland is mainly for children and not suitable for people older as the Legoland in London is.







had an amazing time in Dubai and did as much as I could! Its one of those places that you will never get bored of but planning is key to get the most out of the trip. I used headout to book my activities. I didnt get to do the desert safari because it was too hot!

S x

Supreme x Louboutin

Everyone has a statement piece that they love and wear all the time. The latest new piece for me was the supreme astronaut puffer jacket. I wanted to mix streetwear and sexy together by experimenting with this look.


I wanted the jacket to stand out more than anything with this look and wanted to go for the whole oversized look. The fit of this jacket literally lives up to its name of being a puffer space jacket which basically means big and puffy. I did question a lot how I could pull of this jacket with wearing the right shoes and clothes. Supreme is all about being red so my Louboutins were perfect for the look that I was going for, I also teamed it up with a mini skirt in Black and a Bandeau as its all really simple and makes the jacket and shoes stand out. I love the whole edgy look here and the jacket is by far my fav piece.




I never usually wear makeup so I stuck to a dark lipstick which is the HUDA BEAUTY LIQUID MATTE IN FAMOUS, it gives a whole vampy look which is exactly what I wanted. The louboutins that I wore were pointy toed and six inch patent heels in black, the heels really replicate the whole jacket by being black and then having aspects of red in.




Other ways to wear it:

The best thing about this jacket is that anyone can wear it, with the right clothing you pull it off. Personally I think that only black would go well with this jacket and other colours would clash, even white just would not look right. If you aren’t into wearing skirts then Black jeans would go perfect with some trainers or even heels!

love this look so much! It really does look classy and chic.


S x

jacket – Supreme

Skirt – New Look

Bandeau – Missguided

Heels- Christian Louboutins

Choker- NikitaByNiki

Lipstick – Huda Beauty in famous

Summer Lovin’

The weather lately has been so nice which obviously calls for the cutest outfits. With this look I went more streetwear than my usual classy look as I want to switch up my pieces.


have become so obsessed with hats lately so I purchased this Balenciaga hat, its simple and can be worn with pretty much everything. I always usually wear skirts so I wanted to wear something different and I found a pair of Khaki H&M shorts that I purchased for my holiday to Dubai but never got the chance to wear. I also teamed it up with a basic t-shirt from Miss selfridge, usually when I show my legs I don’t like to show my stomach with crop tops as it is a bit too much however crop tops would look perfect with these shorts in white/grey/black. To go for the whole streetwear look I wrapped a black/grey flannel shirt from River Island around my waist but once again the shorts do look great without it. Thigh chains are the cutest pieces of jewellery right now and everyone wears them with skirts and dresses so I wore mine with shorts and it looks amazing, this thigh chain can be purchased from depop (elegancewithpreeti) and its so simple and high quality and can be worn for any occasion. Obviously I had to wear my Adidas Iniki’s which I am still in love with, gladiator sandals would also look great.






S x


Shorts- H&M

T-shirt – Miss Selfridge

Flannel – River Island

Trainers – ADIDAS Iniki

Thigh chain – Purchase from depop (search elegancewithpreeti)

Hat – Balenciaga

Watch – Armani


Not Everyday Outfit Post..Well Kinda

Statement pieces are everything right now, everyone has a favourite piece that they wish they could wear everyday.

So if you follow me Instagram or have seen my snapchat you know I got my first pair of trainers and yes I am aware it took me like 20 years but I got there in the end.

I have always been so picky about what my first pair was going to be, I wanted yeezys but I was worried about getting them dirty and the colour way does not always match everything. NMDS have become quite basic and I wanted something different so I came across ADIDAS Iniki’s in the new silhouette and I fell in love with them straight away that I actually woke up at 9am to get them and they sold out immediately in the grey colour way! Personally I rate them a lot more than NMDS and I love them so much I want to wear them everyday. The fit of the Iniki’s are half a size down from UltraBoost, I love boost so much it is so comfy but then again I do wear heels all the time so anything has to be comfy than that.

After wearing them all week, today was a super nice today so I threw together a casual outfit that I wore them with.The top is a standard white crop from H&M, I am not good with keeping white clothes clean so I do have to buy a new one every week. The skirt was also a random purchase from H&M, I usually always buy tight fitted skirts but this one caught my eye as it is just so casual and the perfect style to wear with trainers.


The trainers are the best investment and I am so glad I purchased them over yeezys and they were a lot cheaper too at £70.00.



This is more of a focus on the Vetements Jacket that has become a statement piece. It is a oversized Jacket with a cropped fit so it may not be for everyone, its the best for layering. It keeps you extremely warm so when it’s only a piece thats ideal to wear in freezing weather conditions. It is a piece that does not go with everything so it is quite difficult to pair it with the perfect outfit. It was teamed on a pair of ripped skinny jeans however from the images the fit was not entirely  great so its recommended to get a skinner fit. The t-shirt was important to get right with the jacket as a lot of them did not look great so we found a  NWA t-shirt lying around and it went well but would look better with a vintage rock t-shirt.





The jacket goes perfectly with the copper and black yeezys, however would look even better with a pair of dark military or crepe boots

This piece has become an all time favourite although it can’t be worn a lot and fits very oversized.

S x




Trainers- ADIDAS 


JACKET- Vetements





I haven’t posted in a while because I have been so busy! But I am back. I have put together my favourite outfits for the winter and this time I decided to go casual.

Outfit 1:

I am so in love with these duster jackets and they are the best to keep you warm and look amazing. I was a bit reluctant to purchase this because of the material but I decided to take the risk as it was reduced to £12.00 and that was a bargain. I teamed it up with a lace top and a skirt, the lace detail is perfect for this outfit but it can be too much for a casual look but the best thing about this Jacket is that it can be worn with literally anything, dresses, Jeans etc. I also prefer to wear it tied up during the winter but in the summer it is perfect to be worn over shorts or a top or even a bikini when you go on holiday as the material is thin.


The lace top is from Urban Outfitters, they have so many so it is hard to recommend a specific one, I personally do not feel comfortable wearing the top alone as it is really revealing but with this outfit it is covered up a lot and completes the look, the jacket is really long on me as I am small so I wore a black skirt underneath but it would look great with knee high boots but I opted for strappy heels from New Look.



This is one of my favourite looks for this year so far, My new year goal is to be unique with my looks and wear things I would not usually wear and avoid wearing black all the time!

S x





Outfit :

Jacket- Missguided

Lace top- Urban outfitters

Heels- New Look

Skirt- Missguided






Summer In The Winter

Winter is coming. I struggle a lot to find the perfect looks for the winter, if you know me then you know I hate wearing coats! It is literally the first thing people always say to me. But this time I have decided to mix my summer style with the perfect winter twist.




Skirts and crop tops are my number 1 fav! The one reason I hate wearing coats is because the whole outfit is covered so after searching for a long time I found the perfect duster coat from Missguided. The length was perfect because I am literally like 5ft and I thought the coat would be longer than me.. I also love wearing long skirts compared to mini skirts and sometimes coats don’t seem to compliment this look but as you can see it does! The skirt i opted for was a simple high waisted one but the coat goes well with skirts with side splits. The bandeau is my favourite and goes well with the look but obviously you can wear any t-shirt or crop top. I chose an all black look to blend well with the white coat, I always wear black and I wanted to go for something different and it was such a good decision because I am in love!


I went simple with my accessories and wore Strappy Black heels from New Look to co ordinate with the all black theme, these are my personal favourite and they are so comfy. Usually I love wearing chokers that stand out but the details worked with the simple black choker. I got mine from NikitabyNiki but below this is the perfect choker I would of also worn as a second choice.


Lastly I chose my new watch that I am in love with. Its Armani and it is from the mens collection because I have always preferred mens watches to girls as they look a lot classier as the faces are more simplistic and bigger.


This is one of my favourite winter looks and you can literally wear it for a date night, going to Uni (yes i went to uni dressed like this) or even going out. You don’t just have to wear skirts with it either, it would look great with Jeans.


Outfit 2

The newest item to the collection is a BAPE hoodie, but why be basic and wear it alone? For comfort it was paired with a smart coat from H&M and it looks so much better with a coat than alone personally but then again if you invest money into a BAPE hoodie then you want the whole world to see it. The main focus was the hoodie and trainers so an all black theme was chosen with simple distressed jeans from H&M and a plain black top that can be picked up anywhere. The trainers are ADIDAS ULTRA BOOST, they are available in many different colours however these are the triple whites and remember to buy half a size up as they run small, the laces have been swapped out for some 3m white rope laces.






S x


Coat  – Missguided

Choker – and use code shannon10 to save £££.

Skirt – H&M

Heels – New Look

Bandeau – Prettylittlething

Watch – Armani

Hoodie-  A bathing Ape – BAPE

Coat – H&M

Jeans -H&M


Top – New Look

Laces – Fat lace