Usually my posts are always fashion and beauty related but I wanted to do something different for once. Everyone has been through something bad in their life, sometimes people let it define them or come back stronger. A lot of the time though there’s a mix of both, and I for one can say that I let it define me and it also made me stronger, I always thought I bounced back well from these problems and I thought I was happy but underlying I wasn’t. Just like everyone else, when something bad happens to you, you never allow yourself to be put in that position again to be hurt, you have issues trusting people, opening up to them but you are scared the same thing will happen to you again and its completely normal. Sometimes people think the best way to deal with things is to isolate yourself and be alone in your own thoughts but surrounding yourself with positivity and happiness is the best thing you can do, it gives you a support system, it shows you that people know you are not okay and they are there for you. Going through something bad or even feeling down is never something that anyone can help you with, no one can sit there and make you feel better, you can’t pay someone to make your sadness or anger go away and the only person that can help yourself is you. If you are sat there thinking your life is not going the way you wanted to then again you can control that, set yourself goals and make it happen. No one is ever going to stop you from achieving anything in life, ever apart from yourself. A lot of the time people like to escape from the real world and rely upon social media to put on a facade to but you get so twisted up in it and you need to realise none of it is real at all, and behind a camera no one ever sees what another person is going through. To the whole world you can have a life that everyone dreams of but that is never the case. The only thing that matters is the real people in your life that are there by your side and help you grow to be the best you can be. Not being okay is okay and allowing yourself to let negative thoughts consume you or let bad experiences define you or make you bitter not only affects you mentally but everyone else around you. Letting off negative energy is never going to make you happy ever and you may not even realise you are doing it but passing off your insecurities to people around you affects them to and allowing someone else to feel like that is never okay. Even if you feel like you will never get over something or be happy you will one day, it is never ever going to happen overnight but one day you will be okay. The small changes you make to your life everyday will help you achieve the step to happiness more and more each day. It is so clichè but Live your life and don’t live it for anyone else. Whenever something negative happens change your mentality towards it, remain positive, dont let it consume you or affect you . Don’t wish bad things upon anyone, dont hate, dont compare yourself to anyone because no one is you, you will never be anyone else and everyone is different and once you come to peace with that then it will make you alot happier . Appreciate and love the people in your life and treasure them forever before it is too late , there’s 7 billion people in the world and there’s a reason they were put in your life. 

Be the change you want to see in the world.


S x