Not Everyday Outfit Post..Well Kinda

Statement pieces are everything right now, everyone has a favourite piece that they wish they could wear everyday.

So if you follow me Instagram or have seen my snapchat you know I got my first pair of trainers and yes I am aware it took me like 20 years but I got there in the end.

I have always been so picky about what my first pair was going to be, I wanted yeezys but I was worried about getting them dirty and the colour way does not always match everything. NMDS have become quite basic and I wanted something different so I came across ADIDAS Iniki’s in the new silhouette and I fell in love with them straight away that I actually woke up at 9am to get them and they sold out immediately in the grey colour way! Personally I rate them a lot more than NMDS and I love them so much I want to wear them everyday. The fit of the Iniki’s are half a size down from UltraBoost, I love boost so much it is so comfy but then again I do wear heels all the time so anything has to be comfy than that.

After wearing them all week, today was a super nice today so I threw together a casual outfit that I wore them with.The top is a standard white crop from H&M, I am not good with keeping white clothes clean so I do have to buy a new one every week. The skirt was also a random purchase from H&M, I usually always buy tight fitted skirts but this one caught my eye as it is just so casual and the perfect style to wear with trainers.


The trainers are the best investment and I am so glad I purchased them over yeezys and they were a lot cheaper too at £70.00.



This is more of a focus on the Vetements Jacket that has become a statement piece. It is a oversized Jacket with a cropped fit so it may not be for everyone, its the best for layering. It keeps you extremely warm so when it’s only a piece thats ideal to wear in freezing weather conditions. It is a piece that does not go with everything so it is quite difficult to pair it with the perfect outfit. It was teamed on a pair of ripped skinny jeans however from the images the fit was not entirely  great so its recommended to get a skinner fit. The t-shirt was important to get right with the jacket as a lot of them did not look great so we found a  NWA t-shirt lying around and it went well but would look better with a vintage rock t-shirt.





The jacket goes perfectly with the copper and black yeezys, however would look even better with a pair of dark military or crepe boots

This piece has become an all time favourite although it can’t be worn a lot and fits very oversized.

S x




Trainers- ADIDAS 


JACKET- Vetements