Ripped Jeans X Tights

So I had to find the perfect outfit to wear when I went to see Drake, I wanted something comfortable but also stood out. I always wear skirts and dresses so I wanted to wear something different that I have never worn before and this is the outfit I came up with!


Believe it or not but I have never purchased a pair of ripped jeans before as I always thought they would go out of fashion and they never really appealed to me as everyone seems to wear them. The best thing about ripped jeans is you can wear any tights to complete your look, it took me a while to find the perfect pair for me as I wanted big rips and finding petite jeans is hard enough already, but I managed to find my perfect pair from New Look! The tights was a simple piece that completed the look and made the outfit stand out, you can pick any tights but I went with the fishnet ones. Alot of people prefer bigger holes in the tights but personally I think the smaller holes look better. The top was a basic crop top to show the jeans and tights, I did orignally wear a white top but it only took me five minutes and a chocolate bar for it to get dirty and this was from missguided, its best to wear a baggy crop top as a tight fitted one does look slightly strange. I was also debating whether to wear my timberland boots or chelsea boots but the chelsea ones were alot more comfortable. This was a simple and casual look but stood out alot, I wouldnt like to wear it alot as wearing tights underneath jeans is slightly uncomfortable.





Lumee Duo

I have wanted a lumee case ever since I’ve seen Kim Kardashian using it but I’ve been so reluctant to get a lumee case because they are so expensive and I was questioning whether it is worth it. I was not keen on the first case as it was thick and not great quality but they have upped their game and released a thinner case with lights at the front and back and I just had to give in and invest. I love it so much and I have only had it for three days , the light makes a huge difference and you can dim it to your preference.



Top – missguided

Jeans- New Look

Tights – New Look

Boots – Missguided


Lumee Duo- Exclusive to Apple