Macbook Pro 2012 Vs Macbook Pro 2016


So the new MacBook arrived today after a long awaited 3 weeks and a year of waiting for it to actually be announced! A lot of people may actually wonder if it worth it because it retails for around £1750 which is very expensive, so I decided to compare it to my 2012 Pro version so you can see the differences and make your own judgement.

Macbook Pro 2016


It looks so Unbelievably pretty and thin and guess what? It is, it is so compact and lightweight which is perfect for students to carry around to lectures it is also in space grey which makes a change from the standard silver colour that the Pro 2012 was in.



The touchbar is the best thing about the new MacBook and it really is amazing! It makes shortcuts a lot more accessible and helps you do things a lot more easier. For example when using the messages app the emojis are displayed on the touchbar making it easy to click on them. If you are listening to music then the play, rewind, pause buttons appear which increases accessibility. The touchbar is also a lot more responsive than I thought it would be considering it is the first time Apple have tried to add this feature on their devices.



Although the trackpad has been standard on every single MacBook they have improved it by making it a lot bigger this means that its easier to do the gestures needed on the trackpad as it was difficult to do this on the 2012 version.



On the new MacBook 2016 you get 4 USB C ports which double up as charging ports, for a lot of people this can be offputting as it means more wires! Not gonna lie this is annoying because it means you have no way to use USB standard ports without purchasing an adaptor which does not come free but it is on offer for £9.00 from Apple!

Macbook 2012


The MacBook Pro 2012 is a lot thicker compared to the 2016 version however is not that much heavier. It was available in one standard colour which is the iconic silver but now the 2016 version is available in a range of colours.



The trackpad is a lot smaller compared to the 2016 version however the gestures can still be done, Apple increased the size of the trackpad for accessibility but I have never used my MacBook and thought wow the trackpad is so small! The keys are lot nicer to type on because the newer version has a butterfly keyboard which means the keys feel a lot more fragile. You will feel wary about pressing on them hard.


The one thing that I personally love about this MacBook is the fact the Apple lights up. In the newer models this has not been done and it is quite frustrating but it just adds to the design and I love it! Believe it or not but the Apple not lighting up has been an issue for some people and actually made them question purchasing a MacBook.

(Macbook 2016 version Apple does not light up)



The good thing about this MacBook is the range of ports, there are two standard USB ports which is great for charging devices or plugging in devices. There is also an E ethernet cable for people that do not have access to wifi and a card slot which I actually use a lot! It is annoying how the new MacBook 2016 does not have this but then again not everyone needs all those ports.


I love the design of the new MacBook so much and it really is great. The touchbar is honestly amazing and makes it worth the money. If you buy the new MacBook it is worth investing extra for the touchbar. The technical specifications are available on the Apple website. If the Apple not lighting up does not bother you and the lack of ports available then you should go purchase!

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