Yeezy Taught Me.

Soo I always do outfit inspirations for girls and I wanted to do something different for men. This is the perfect casual outfit for going to uni, going shopping or just chilling with friends.


This jacket was never officially released by Nike, being a custom made that has been printed by a few people. It is quite padded however and is not really suitable for hot weather but perfect for the winter.


Most people prefer to wear hoodies underneath jackets and with this one it was paired up with a grey hoodie, the hoodie used in this picture is a collaboration with LMDN and Yeezy Talk and we appreciate it is now sold out and impossible to get for retail. However this can be swapped out for a plain light grey gildan hoodie to get the same effect for a fraction of the cost


So these joggers are from H&M and were inspired by fear of god ones, however Fear Of God joggers are around £1000 and not many people can afford them so the H&M ones were £24.99 and are available in many other colours. The best thing is that you can’t tell that they are joggers and can be worn anywhere!!! If you wanted to go for the Fear Of God look then you can change the drawstrings to suede cord, easily available on eBay for next to nothing.

No need for an introduction here, everyone knows what these are, being one of the most hyped sneaker releases of the year, the Yeezy V2’s!! These retail at £149.99 but the Yeezy effect resulted in these selling out instantly, with resell prices currently being around the £550-£600 mark, because of this most people wont be able to get their hands on them understandably, however as a substiute you could swap them for Japan black NMD’s, or even all white ultraboost, just make sure you crep protect them beforehand!


Just to make the outfit complete my favourite thing is accessories. The watch worn is a simple Armani watch with a black leather strap that retails around £200 and a Saint Laurent Paris wallet that retails for £280. When the weather is sunny you can team it up with a pair of Ray Bans, these in particular were around £130.

S x

Jacket- £25

Hoodie – Yeezytalk – £45

Joggers – H&M £24.99

Yeezys- £150

Glasses-Rayban- £130

Wallet-SLP- £280