Black And White.

I love the whole skirt and crop top combo, people always make fun of me for wearing them in winter but I just love it! When i buy them i prefer to get ones that I can wear during the day but also when i go out. The best thing about skirts and crop tops is that you can mix and match unlike dresses that probably get tossed out after you have worn it because god forbid someone sees you wearing it twice!



I always go for black skirts because its the safer option when I’m eating or drinking and clubs can be messy places with people always spilling drinks but when I saw this skirt I had to get it! It is white and prone to getting dirty but the design means you can literally wear a plain top and it will make your whole outfit! With the crop top I chose a simple black ribbed one where you can literally buy anywhere and they are so cheap, if you decide to wear a choker its best to get a low neck.



Watches are an all time essential for me, if I forgot my watch I will honestly just go back and get it otherwise I will feel lost without it. I chose to go for a basic Armani one that looks simple yet classy. As usual the one thing that makes this whole outfit is the necklace, its from NikitabyNiki and I am honestly in love. The best thing is that you can get one too for 10% off with the discount code shannon10.


I usually love going for strappy heels when I wear skirts like that but I have been put off by them recently and decided to wear my Louboutins, I can honestly say that they are extremely uncomfortable but they just look so perfect and any girl that owns them can agree but if you are looking to buy a pair I highly recommend that you get non pointy toes as they are more comfortable and ALWAYS try them on beforehand because the sizing isn’t accurate and you may need a bigger size, Unfortunately I made that mistake. Every girl needs a pair of Louboutins.

I went for a simple look but chose pieces that stood out and used accessories to make this outfit.

S x


Top – Prettylittlething

Skirt- Prettylittething

Shoes –  Christian Louboutin

Watch – Armani