Dubai TwentySixteen.

From pictures you see everywhere Dubai is known as the prettiest place to visit and its luxury heritage. But apart from visiting the Burj Khalifa and visiting Sephora; does anyone know what to actually do there?

I went to Dubai pretty clueless, all i knew was that i needed pretty outfits and enough money to blow in Sephora. I stayed there for five days and honestly I spent about two of those days out in Dubai and the rest of the time in the hotel because I wasn’t really sure of the things to do there. So this post is for people that are interested in going, I’m going to talk about my experience, where i stayed, what i did and what I would of liked to do..


So the first thing I did when i got to Dubai was obviously go shopping! Now one thing people don’t tell you is that there are two malls in Dubai, mall of the emirates and the Dubai mall. The Dubai mall is the big one that features mainly high end prestige shops. The second one is the Mall of emirates and in my opinion I prefer this one a lot more because the atmosphere was more friendly and it was busy because there was a mixture of shops and affordable ones with the standard H&M, Topshop and New Look etc. I didn’t really enjoy the vibe in Dubai mall because it was quiet and the shops didn’t really appeal much to me. But I highly recommend you visit BOTH, its an amazing experience and they are about 15 minutes away from each other. Emirates Mall also has an ice rink which is indoor and is great to do.


The key place on holiday is the hotel, when people tell you that the Atlantis Dubai is the perfect place to be, it really is, I can’t even explain how amazing it is. From when you approach the hotel the service is amazing, when you walk into the lobby its breathtaking. The hotel has 23 restaurants and an aquarium and if you were lucky enough to get a view of the aquarium from your balcony like i was, a lot of your time will be spent here. One thing about this hotel is that its honestly hugeeeee! So research it beforehand and a lot of food places have strict dress codes like Nobu so to save embarrassment its worth looking at.


Have you heard of a hotel having a waterpark before? Well with Atlantis you get free access if you are a guest at the hotel so you can visit everyday. I honestly didn’t really enjoy the waterpark because i didn’t think there was a lot to do apart from a few waterslides but it was good considering that it was within the hotel. I preferred to go swimming by the pool in the hotel which is reasonably sized considering the hotel had its own waterpark and a lot of people would be expected to go there instead of using their pools. The hotel provides buggies to take you to and from the waterpark which is walking distance but in the heat it can be unbearable.

Burj Khalifa/ Dancing Fountain

When you go to the Dubai Mall I highly recommend waiting outside the back entrance to see the dancing fountains, its honestly worth it. Its right next to the Burj Khalifa also so you can visit all those places at once. When visiting the Burj Khalifa its best to get the tickets online before you go! For tickets to the top floor its around 350 AED which is around £70.00. Its worth the money in my opinion, its not everyday you get the chance to go to Dubai!


What i would of liked to do

I would of loved to visit the Desert so many people visit when they go! But i went in August which is the worst time to go for heat and a lot of people in Dubai try to get away at this time so the heat was unbearable to visit the Desert but next time its on my to do list.

Due to my disappointment in the hotels waterpark I would of wanted to visit the main waterpark in Dubai known as the wild wadi waterpark, however I didn’t know that it even existed! When travelling to Dubai i highly recommend you take the time to see all the things you can do and book in advance, it will make your trip a lot better and you won’t have regrets when you come back home.

S x